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We not only want to satisfy our customers, we want to fascinate them“ this is what the siblings Beatrice, Stephan and André Roll clearly want to express. This works best with products which convince and furthermore with a remarkable service, these two features make the Roll GmbH successfully all over the world.

Roll GmbH is a leading manufacturer of professional stripper machines for removing old floor coverings, floor grinding machines for subfloor preparation and hand tools for laying floor coverings.  Furthermore a large assortment of different flooring profiles is offered for a wide range of applications.

Roll GmbH is also the Roll family and its dedicated team, who have been passionate about flooring technology for over 35 years. Since the company was founded, Dieter and Rosmarie Roll have not only brought movement to the industry, they have also set milestones, such as the Bullystripper.

The family business, now run by the second generation, has set further standards for the industry in recent years.

The history of self-propelled stripper machines began in 2013 with the introduction of the ROLL-STRIPPER RO-1. In the meantime, Roll GmbH provides a complete roll stripper family after introducing the ROLL-STRIPPER RO-2 in 2015, the ROLL-STRIPPER RO-3 in 2017 and the ROLL-STRIPPER RO-5 in 2022.

Another milestone in subfloor preparation was the floor grinding machine RO-300 introduced in 2016. With its unique technology, it proved to be a revolution and problem solver in subfloor preparation. Over the years, the range has been expanded to include the larger floor grinding machine RO-400 and the smaller floor grinding machine RO-250.

New system profiles for lvt vinyl flooring and parquet have also been developed in the floor profile range, meaning that Roll GmbH offers a competitive overall concept for all applications.

In order to accommodate the growing product range, a new logistics center with a 3,000 square meter storage, logistics and administration area was opened on October 1st, 2023 in the Engstingen-Haid business park. The new building offers the 25 employees plenty of space and growth potential for new products and the next generation.

This is how our customers think about us

It started with a Woody, then a floor grinding machine was added, then a large stripper, then a big vacuum cleaner and, and, and. We are very happy with the tools! Perfect tool for the floor layer! And thanks to Armin for the good advice and tips! Steffen B.

We really enjoy shopping at Roll GmbH. This is also reflected in our machinery. The service is always fast and reliable, as is the field service. Repairs are carried out in the in-house workshop, which is an advantage. Advice on the construction site is just as normal as on the telephone. Patzke T.

We experienced the best service today from Andre Roll on the construction site. Demonstration of the highest quality parquet removal machines...We are all thrilled! Technology that fascinates. Jürgen W.

I like shopping here. The machines are of great quality and spare parts can also be delivered very quickly. The advice and problem solving that Mr. André Roll provides is very targeted.
On the subject of price, I would like to point out that you are buying a great product here and it also has a price that suits it! Arne B.

I have to say this machine is like the Porsche of machines. Top device. Danny D.

Super fast delivery, products are TOP! Alfred M.

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